Doç. Dr. Mustafa Şahmaran has brought Gazi University The Encouragement Award Of (TUBITAK) Scientific Technological Research Council of Turkey - Mühendislik Fakültesi
Doç. Dr. Mustafa Şahmaran has brought Gazi University The Encouragement Award Of (TUBITAK) Scientific Technological Research Council of Turkey
13 Mayıs 2015 19:42

Gazi University, Construction Engineering, The faculty member Doç. Dr. Mustafa Şahmaran has been continuing to add new awards to the other ones by making scientific studies. Doç. Dr. Şahmaran has got a lot of articles published by a lot of reputable scientific journals. Doç. Dr. Şahmaran has been carrying out more than one TUBITAK research projects. He got TUBITAK Encouragement award which is given to the scientists less than 40 years old and it is also given to the scientists who have got the qualifications of contributing to science internationally for the future. This award has been given to the scientists by TUBITAK and is accepted as  one of the most reputable awards in Turkey.

Beforehand Şahmaran deserved to win The Programme of Rewarding Gifted Young Scientists Turkish Scientific Academy (TUBA–GEBIP) 2012 Year Award, In the field of Construction Materials Feyzi Akkaya Scientific Activities Supporting Fund (FABED) Eser Tümen Research Award in 2013 and METU Prof. Dr. Mustafa N. Parlar Education and Research Foundation Research Encouragement Award.

Mustafa Şahmaran made an explanation to Gazi News about his academic studies and his scientific success. He said that he had been working at Gazi University since July 2013 as a Faculty Member. Doç. Dr. Şahmaran said that in his advanced construction materials laboratory that he established, he was working on composite materials which were cement based and multi-functional with high performance and he was working on these materials’ some prominent features that they had been a subject matter  to a lot of international studies  and the cause of gaining a lot of awards.

Doç. Dr.  Mustafa Şahmaran

Dr. Şahmaran mentioned that in the laboratories that had been established  with the support of the Dean of Engineering Faculty Prof. Dr. Metin U.Salamcı, there had been 13 people in a team from different countries and continuing their master and doctorate studies. He also expressed that different from the traditional composite materials that they were enhancing, it went beyond  mechanic and durability features. Doç. Dr. Şahmaran said these about the cement based composite materials  that he was enhancing with his team : ‘The main feature that differentiates the composite we are enhancing from the other materials is that its having deformation hardness feature. Under the similar loading, this behavior shows a similarity to a lot of metals under axial tension after the first fracture is formed on the material which are generated  near each other and have been gained with it’s a lot of forms under 100 micron width degree. The fracture’s remaining under the micron levels even under the excess loading, in our enhanced composite materials without the external applications, the potential recovery in the fractures are also included. Thus, it provides  opportunity to reduce the maintenance and repair processes dramatically which cause both excessive time and money loss ever-repeating every year. The deformation hardness feature is seen after the first fracture under the tensile loading is also characterized as showing a ductile behavior of a composite material This feature brings about the customary cement to reach 500 times levels It also brings about high energy absorption capacity, superior impact resistance and accordingly against the earthquake load, it brings about a superb performance. Taking the advantage of piezoresistivty of our enhanced featured cement based  composite material which shows a recovery by itself, the features of electrical conductivity is modified by economical methods, deformation on the material,  regression and in case of a damage  in real time can be perceived more safely. On the one hand, by this way, our enhancing composite material being used as electromagnetic shield in important substrates such as in dead rooms and military construction. Our studies are continuing on the issues of the construction‘s/ personnel’s health situation is determined to be safe without serious and deadly damages occur .’


The plastic behavior of new age concrete under flexural loading



      Fractures before self recovery                                                       Fractures after self recovery


The microscope image of a fracture that has self recovered and fully closed