October 2022 Field-Determination Exam Application Announcement
24 August 2022 | 14:17

Our university is directed by the Council of Higher Education (YÖK) for people who have war, occupation or annexation conditions in their countries,

Civil engineering,
Industrial Engineering,
Mechanical engineering,
Electrical electronics Engineering,
Communication Engineering,
Electronics and Communication Engineering,
Electrical engineering,
Electronic Engineering,
Energy systems Engineering,
Manufacturing engineering,
Telecommunications Engineering,
Control and Automation Engineering,
Mechatronic Engineering,
Classroom Education (Classroom Teaching),
Physical Education and Sports Teaching,
Curriculum and Instruction,
Education Methods and Instructional Technologies,
Education Management and Planning,
Education Management,
Preschool Education (Kindergarten Teaching),
Guidance and psychological counseling,
Physical therapy and rehabilitation,
 It has been assigned to conduct the Field and Degree Determination Exam in the fields of

Field and Degree Determination Exams in the specified fields will be held by the relevant departments of our university in the form of "Oral Exams" between 24-28 October 2022. (Some areas may also hold applied exams.) Information such as the date, place, time and method of the exam will be given on the third of October. It will be announced at

Those who want to take the Field and Degree Determination Exam, whose names and documents are sent to our university by YÖK and which will take place between 24-28 October 2022, must apply for the exam between 23 August and 25 September 2022. Applications will be filled in via the form that can be accessed by clicking here, and after printing, they will be signed with a blue ballpoint pen and sent by e-mail to, with your transcript, if any. Applications made via fax will not be accepted.

Documents related to professional experience will also be taken into account in the evaluation process of the Field and Degree Determination Exam. For this reason, candidates are required to send their professional experience documents, if any, with the application form to and have them ready with them on the exam day.

* All processes of the exam will be in Turkish

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