Engineering Science Conferences-1: 5G and Cyber-Physical Systems, Technology and Applications
1 March 2021 | 11:22

The first event of the Engineering Science Conferences, "5G and Cyber-Physical Systems, Technology and Applications" was held online at our University, which celebrates its 95th anniversary. Winner of the Computer Engineering Department Board of Chairs Outstanding Service Award and acclaimed scientist Bilkent University Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Erdal Arıkan, who has contributed enormously to IEEE information science, systems and technology, attended as a speaker.

In addition to Our Rector Prof. Dr. Musa Yıldız, Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Ramazan Bayander, Deputy Dean of Engineering Faculty Prof. Dr. Seref Sağıroğlu, Faculty members and students also attended the conference.  Making the opening speech of the conference, our Rector Prof. Dr. Musa Yıldız mentioned that activities are taking place without a break as it is the 95th year of the establishment of Gazi University and stated "we have started the new year with the motto '95th year, 95 events and 95 Works'. Our Faculty of Engineering started the "Engineering Science Conferences” today with the participation of our dear professor, Prof. Dr. Erdal Arıkan as a speaker. I would like to thank them and our dean who carried out this event."

Beginning his speech by congratulating our University on its 95th anniversary, Bilkent University Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Erdal Arıkan thanked Our Rector Prof. Dr. Yıldız and Deputy Dean Prof. Dr.Sağıroğlu  for their invitation. Prof. Dr. Arıkan's presentation took place within the framework of three general topics: technological background, 5G and its technologies, and polar coding.

Emphasizing that American scientist, mathematician and electrical engineer and founder of information theory Claude Shannon, draws attention to three fundamental issues of technology, Prof. Dr. Arıkan stated, " In his speech in 1969 where he made predictions about the 21st century, Shannon emphasised on the three fundamental subjects of technology; matter, energy and knowledge. When it comes to matter, if we consider the first people, they cut trees and produce wood; wood for both keeping warm and building a shelter for themselves.   Animal skins are used to sew clothes for warmth. Mining is discovered as human civilization progresses. They make tools and equipment from various materials. If we take the energy field, agriculture and livestock started with the domestication of animals and animal power. Later, a number of technologies developed with the use of water and wind power. Steam machines, electrical energy and today nuclear energy, even solar and wind energy have started to be used."

Referring to the fact that the subject of knowledge is a newer concept than matter and energy, Prof. Dr. Arıkan said, “Today, especially in the 20th century, information and communication systems have provided important developments. Electrical communication and later, with the invention of computers, information processing can be considered as technologies that have left their mark on our age. Today, Computer, automation and communication systems stand before us as indispensable technologies."

Referring to the history of industrial revolutions, Prof. Dr. Arıkan said, “Industry 1.0 started in 1784 with mechanization, steam power and weaving looms. Industry 2.0 entered our lives after 1870, with mass production, assembly line and use of electrical energy. One example being that automobile manufacturer Henry Ford developed its mass production line at the beginning of the 20th century. Industry 3.0 started to serve humanity from 1969 with automation, computers and electronics. Although it is not correct to give an exact date for Industry 4.0, it has an important place for humanity today with cyber-physical systems, internet of things and communication networks since 2011.

After Prof. Dr. Erdal Arıkan's presentation, the conference ended with a question and answer event.

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