TUSAŞ/TAI Lift Up/ Lift Up+
28 July 2022 | 14:31

Applications for Lift Up+, whish is supported by TUSAŞ/TAI with a grant of up to 40.000 ₺ and Lift Up programs which are provided with budget support under the scope infrastructure support  have begun.

1. Lift Up Prgoram

The program, which its application  process will begin in August 2022, provides opportunity to accomplish graduation projects at TAI/TUSAŞ  under the scope of "Industry Focused Graduation Programs." Applications can be made twice a year between August and October and January and February.


The support provided to graduation projects under  the scope of the programs will give you the opportunity to stand out among your rivals along your career journey.

2. Lift Up+ Program

The difference between Lift Up+, of which it's application process has begun, and Lift Up is that Lift Up+ is a scientific research program that enables postgraduate and doctorate studies to be carried out in the fields in relation to TAI/TUSAŞ calls and to maintain research under the scope of TAI/TUSAŞ.

For detailed information visit Lift Up TUSAS

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